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Why Healing Leaf?

One simple answer: because we care. 

Healing Leaf is owned and operated by Dr. Jennifer Kovacs, a highly respected pharmacist currently licensed here in South Carolina, as well as Florida and Arizona. Dr. Kovacs earned her doctorate in pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University in 2002. Her 18 year career in pharmaceutical care has included long-term patient comfort, retail and hospital management, hospice care, and currently pain management focusing on the use of CBD products. Dr. Kovacs is also on the CompassionateSC Board of Directors, working to provide a better quality of life for the citizens of South Carolina. 

As a clinical practitioner Dr. Kovacs in no way discounts or shuns traditional Western medicine but she firmly believes there is a place in health care management for the use of alternate options. She also is a strong advocate in the importance of education, responsibility and proper usage when considering CBD products. 

This desire to explore other treatment options came about as the result of Dr. Kovacs personal experience in dealing with both her parent’s health problems. “The most passionate advocates often find their voice when inspired and driven to do so out of a loved one’s suffering.” From her mother’s diagnosis of SLE Lupus to her father’s degenerative disc disease/stenosis, Dr. Kovacs has seen firsthand the need for alternatives to pain management and quality of life issues. This need sparked Dr. Kovacs to begin educating herself on viable alternative options. 

One of the more popular options Dr. Kovacs explored was the medicinal potential of the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. This remarkable plant provides many individuals relief from chronic pain caused by numerous debilitating medical conditions; and studies have indicated when prescribed and used correctly people can once again enjoy a greater quality of life.   

All Healing Leaf products are organically grown, are lab tested for quality and purity, and are THC free, plus Dr. Kovacs personally answers any questions or concerns you may have. We carry a complete line of CBD soft-gel capsules, tinctures, and creams, along with vape pens, cartridges and juice refills, and all products can easily and quickly be ordered through our website

Why Healing Leaf you may ask? Because we care. 

This just in: Healing Leaf now carries CBD products for your pets

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