Healing Leaf is an amazing product!  For years I have been unable to sleep more than 5 hours at a time!  Since the first time I tried Healing Leaf oil and slept 8 hours I was a fan! It’s all natural and THC FREE!  I can’t say enough.  I also tried the Salve! I fell much better and it only took a small amount!  Thank you Healing Leaf!  Fan in NC!!!!!

I began using the tincture about 3 weeks ago.  I have had a lot of trouble in the past getting a good nights sleep.  I also have discomfort in by shoulders and neck. Since I started using the oil I have been able to get a better night of sleep and my shoulders have been a lot more relaxed.  The discomfort is also better.  I use the oil at night so I have been using the vape during the day as I need it.
I am so happy I have started using this product and would recommend it for anyone thinking of starting the use of CBD.  Another plus of Healing Leaf is that it is also THC free.
Audrey S.